About Me

Kevin, a white man with brown hair, wearing glasses and a black collared shirt, smiling, arms-crossed, standing outside in front of a red metal lattice.

I am a User Experience Researcher at Google, where I conduct research in Human-Computer Interaction and Developer Experience.

I am a programmer-turned-social-scientist who leverages expertise in software development, qualitative methods, and humanistic research approaches to examine large, ambiguous problem spaces and design interactive systems informed by what I find.

In my 7+ years of research, I have contributed human-centered findings to interdisciplinary teams in studies of the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, technical information seeking, programming tools and languages, and organizational behavior.

My work has been published in top computing venues, including CHI, ASSETS, and DIS, and my findings have been used to inform the design of both novel, experimental tools and widely-used, consumer technologies, including Google Assistant, Google Cloud Platform, and the Go Programming Language.