Research Interests

Humans have a complicated relationship with energy. News outlets detail our role as energy consumers every day, in harrowing reports of the environmental consequences of increasing energy demands. But, when humans produce energy, our role is much less evident.

In all human activity — walking, sitting, typing, or speaking — energy is exerted. Most of this energy is released into our environment, never to be heard from again. But, energy harvesters make it possible to reuse and repurpose the energy we already expend.

My research explores the potential for energy to be used as a meaningful data stream, while simultaneously powering an ever-growing number of computing devices. I design systems that seek to reframe our relationship with energy, and create a greener, more efficient world.


My past research concerned:

  • energy-harvesting devices,
  • mobile health and wellness,
  • wearable technologies,
  • evaluation methods,
  • quality of service in error-prone devices,
  • reasoning in non-linear programming models,
  • and development tools for intermittent power.

You can find more about my projects and publications here.