Research Interests

All parents want the best for their children. Unfortunately, because access to educational resources is highly uneven, too many parents are fighting an uphill battle to provide the learning opportunities they desire for their kids. I believe parenting takes a village—and digital technologies can help us expand our village to support all parents, regardless of their abilities, race, or income.

I use design-based and qualitative research methods to build and evaluate interactive technologies which support shared learning experiences for minoritized parents and their children, to bring us together by learning together.

Currently, I am working to design digital systems which make shared book reading more accessible, to provide learning opportunities for both children and parents who have difficulty reading printed English, due to visual impairments, linguistic differences, or educational barriers. My goal is to create tools which help minoritized parents maintain an active role in their child’s learning—while opening opportunities for their lifelong learning, too. 

You can find more about my projects and publications here.