About Me

Most days, my time is spent as a student and researcher, and you are welcome to learn more about my research interests and publications and projects.

When I get a break from academia, I spend a significant portion of my time reading about systems of privilege, power, and difference, particularly in relation to America. I am an economic, cultural, and social theory junky, a Revolutionary Socialist (which is not as scary as it sounds), a cognitive and moral relativist, a believer in Dr. Robert Lanza’s theory of a biocentric universe, and a proponent of Peter L. Berger’s Social Construction of Reality.

I am an avid gaymer. I love the puzzles of The Legend of Zelda (particularly Skyward Sword), the nostalgia of 2-D Nintendo platformers, and the immersion of games like The Elder Scrolls series (Oblivion is obviously best). Recently, I’ve become obsessed with Magic The Gathering (and can’t seem to break the habit of building Orzhov decks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). Talk nerdy to me.

I enjoy all forms of art, and am lucky to live with, and be married to, an amazing visual artist, Kenneth. Our house has more art than walls.

I have a healthy obsession with metaphysics, and I am a Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Leo Rising, Taurus Midheaven (in case you were wondering). I love to do yoga. I advocate for the healing power of meditation, and positive affirmation (and am proud of my status as Clemson School of Computing’s resident hippie).