About Me

Most days, my time is spent as a student and researcher, and you are welcome to learn more about my research interests and publications.

My spirit animal is Nikola Tesla reincarnated as a stray cat living in a New Orleans cemetery. Please engrave that on my epitaph (not that I’ll really care much at that point).

I don’t game much, but I have strong opinions about those I play: If you aren’t playing Korea, you aren’t really playing Civ VI. Orzhov is the only valid choice for MTG decks.

My home has more paintings than walls, thanks to marrying an amazing visual artist, Kenneth. His offensively outdated website would be better managed if he had married someone with a Computer Science degree. Oh, wait…

I have a healthy interest in metaphysics, and I am a Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Leo Rising, Taurus Midheaven. Just in case you were wondering.